OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Thursday, April 1, said, that a doctor is still not allowed to see him in the Pokrovsky colony No. 2, where he is serving his sentence in the «Yves Rocher» case. Such a statement appeared on the politician's Twitter account.

«All prisoners on hunger strike are supposed to be weighed. Navalny was also weighed. According to the documents, he came to the colony 93 kg, now 85. That is -8 kg even before the hunger strike», published on Navalny's page.

He himself attributes this weight loss primarily to the fact, that he is not allowed to sleep and is woken up 8 times a night. The doctor is still not allowed to see him, there is no diagnosis in the medical book, there is no doctor's report. But it is proposed to treat it with nicotinic acid.

Also there is a post about a visit of the film crew with RT employee Maria Butina to the Pokrovsky colony No. 2, where he is located. Navalny called the journalist a «poor propagandist». According to the politician, Butina shouted, that it was the best and most convenient prison. Navalny spent 15 minutes scolding her in front of a line of prisoners, calling her a «parasite and a servant of the thieve's power».

Navalny added, that after that Butina went to record interviews with activists who will tell how everything is fine. «They will be able to cut lies for one report», wrote on Navalny's Twitter account.