OREANDA-NEWS. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has promised a glass of beer to every adult in the state who gets a coronavirus vaccine in May.

The Governor tweeted: “We are launching our vaccine and beer program to encourage eligible New Jersey residents over the age of 21. Any New Jersey resident who receives the first dose of vaccine in May and brings a vaccination certificate to the participating brewery will receive a free beer. " He attached a list of breweries to his post.

However, not all American Twitter users supported this decision of the authorities. Some, for example, under the publication expressed regret because of the authorities' intention to "bribe" residents with alcohol or their reluctance to continue to visit these breweries.

According to official figures, 105 million people in the United States have completed the full course of vaccination, which is more than 31% of the population. At the same time, on May 3, almost 40 thousand new cases of infection were registered. According to this indicator, the United States is still in second place in the world after India. The peak incidence in the United States fell on the beginning of January, then up to 250 thousand cases were registered per day. After the start of the vaccination campaign, the incidence dropped several times.