OREANDA-NEWS. Parents have the opportunity to choose a proper form of studing for their child - a full-time education or a home-based one. This was recently recalled by the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov himself at a session of the government. He also mentioned about how the modern digital learning environment can help students in their learning.

According to the official, in terms of the existing law on education of the state, parents can choose the form of education they find the best for their children, which can be a full-time or a home one. Children who, for some reason, are educated at home, will be helped in all respects in mastering the material, including the possibilities, which have digital educational environment.

According to the Minister, the authorities always give education the main role and put it in the first place, and the use of information technology in support of the traditional education system they put in the second place. Sergey Kravtsov said that the government is actively working to help creating a digital educational environment, it equips schools with the necessary digital and computer equipment, the Internet, and high-quality content.

 At the same time, the minister emphasizes that the digital educational environment is not a substitute for the traditional lesson at all. According to the official, the digital educational environment can not replace the education system, but it can complement it. It has been designed to help teachers, parents, if a child is at home, to give him quality education, so that there are no gaps in his knowledge and the level of education quality remains at a proper level and does not decrease.