OREANDA-NEWS. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia called on women who do not want to give birth for one reason or another, not to have abortions, but to give their children to the Church, which can raise and educate them.

"If a woman wants to keep her child, the Church will definitely help her. If you cannot raise a child, but you have given birth or are ready to give birth, do not kill the child, give birth and give it to us, the Church, and we will do everything to raise and raise feet are your child. And we will never prevent you as a mother from visiting, feeling unity with your child. On the contrary, we will do everything to strengthen your family, albeit incomplete, but valuable both before God and in attitude to our entire Fatherland, "- said Patriarch Kirill in a video message to the participants of the Church-wide Congress on Social Service, posted on the YouTube channel of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church thanked everyone who supported the call of the Church to create crisis centers for women in difficult life situations.

The patriarch said: “The Church constantly testifies to a terrible problem - the problem of abortion ... We are a big country, we need to have more of us. And there is no other more effective way to influence demographics, how to radically reduce the number of abortions. church". The head of the Russian Orthodox Church stressed that the state "must make every effort to resolve this critical issue for the preservation of the people."

The largest forum of the Russian Orthodox Church in the field of charity, the Church-wide Congress on Social Service, opened in Moscow on Thursday. The congress will summarize and consider the prospects of charity in Russia, discuss the role of the Church in the development of the social sphere, as well as issues of demography and prevention of abortions, the development of palliative care and nursing care for seriously ill people.