OREANDA-NEWS. Police reported about an incident at a hospital in the centre of London. “Police are dealing with a security alert at St Thomas’ Hospital, SE1. We will provide further info when known,” the Lambeth Police wrote on its Twitter page.

The Westminster Bridge located next to the clinic was temporarily closed to traffic. Policemen later informed that the bridge was reopened with no security threat. “The security alert at St Thomas’ Hospital is being stood down. We are in the process of removing cordons,” the message reads.

Robert Wright wrote on Twitter, commenting on the police’s reports: “I’m at St Thomas’ Hospital, where there’s some kind of serious incident under way. I can see armed police and there’s a helicopter overhead.”

After that, police specified that they were called at 09:18 to Saint Thomas’ Hospital “following a report of threats made by a male.” He had no weapons. The hospital was not evacuated. “There have been no arrests. This was not treated as a terrorism incident,” the Lamberth Police added.