OREANDA-NEWS. Journalist, radio host and public figure Armen Gasparyan stated that the West launched a campaign to discredit Russian vaccines. He expressed the opinion that this activity is systemic.

"The West has decided to launch a whole campaign to discredit Russian vaccines. This systematic work did not begin today, but every day it is gaining more and more serious momentum and increasingly resembles genocide carried out from the outside," he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The author also wondered why the opinions of pseudo-experts and refusals to recognize the vaccine were otherwise necessary.

"Otherwise, why would all these demonstrative refusals to recognize Russian vaccines be needed, pseudo-experts who claim at every corner that Russian vaccines are dangerous, have not been sufficiently well researched and all the rest - everything that is so far from the truth, but at the same time gets in the way Sputnik gain worldwide recognition, as well as finally vaccinate Russians. The Nazis had already done this in their time, declaring that it was unnecessary to vaccinate the Slavs, who were nothing more than a consumable for them. And here it is again," Gasparyan stressed.