OREANDA-NEWS. A politician living in the EU explained to a Kiev TV channel why the Russian vaccine is better and safer.

The journalists of the Ukrainian TV channel "NASH" asked the politician and blogger Anatoly Shariy, who left the persecution at home in one of the EU countries - is he going to be vaccinated against Covid and how?

The politician answered that he was going to be vaccinated. For this he is offered the American-German vaccine "Pfizer". He added that in Europe, where he now lives, they also say that if you do not get vaccinated, a person will be punished. According to him, they will be practically forcibly vaccinated there in the near future.

At the same time, Shariy is going to visit the Russian Federation for the first time in many years and get vaccinated there.

Shariy explained: "I want to be vaccinated in Russia because ... Well, look: Lithuania has now suspended vaccination with the American vaccine" Modena. "The Pfizer vaccine does not suit me very much after the death of people in the North of Europe. A person was vaccinated, everything is fine, but in the morning - not woke up. I don't like this."

Shariy explained that all these vaccines have not been tested in humans. “And I'm not an orangutan to check on myself,” he said.

Shariy said that he is not campaigning for anyone to be vaccinated with Sputnik. According to him, it was explained to him that the same Pfizer was produced according to old technologies. Sputnik has been produced using new technology, and he likes it. Shariy added: "There is not a single vaccine in the world that has been fully tested now. People who say so - they are lying. But I want to be vaccinated with the vaccine that people I know personally and who are fine after it."