OREANDA-NEWS. The producer of the Mash Telegram-channel Mikhail Kumbrov was detained for forging documents.

On May 8, representatives of the Moscow Center for Automated Air Traffic Control reported the police and on a “suspicious request”, which was received by the air traffic control service on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s Office via email. The request required to provide access to the records of the conversation of pilots with air controllers upon the Sukhui Superjet 100 (SSJ100) crash at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport on May 5. Security services questioned the authenticity of the request and invited its author to come personally. Soon, an unknown person arrived to them, he showed a form with a request from the Prosecutor General’s Office. The document turned out to be forged, and the man was detained by the Federal Security Service. He was the producer of Mash, one of the most popular in Russia Telegram channels.

A criminal proceedings against Kumbrov was begun upon the Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for using of a deliberate false document. The maximum penalty for this crime is 6 months of arrest or correctional work for up to 2 years.

Maxim Iksanov, CEO and co-owner of Mash, said that its employee was detained, when he was conducting an investigation into the SSJ100 crash, but they knew nothing about false documents. Iksanov also told about searches in the Mash office.

Mash channel was launched in 2017. It ranks third in the number of subscribers (569 thousand) among the Russian Telegram channels.