OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with business ombudsman Boris Titov, the Russian government is considering how to further support small businesses.

Titov reported to the president that more than half of entrepreneurs - 52.3% - took advantage of such a measure of support as tax restructuring. Today, according to him, the situation is such that 49.5% stated that it was impossible to return these funds.

Putin remarked to this that "not only polls are important here, but also an analysis of the real state of companies." In response to Titov's words that "debts were generally forgiven in the second quarter," Putin recalled that "there were many restrictions, including a nationwide lockdown."

"For small businesses, the maximum is that we would like in general that the third or fourth quarter, perhaps for very small enterprises, could be repaid today, so that the debt was simply ...", - said the business ombudsman.

The President agreed with Titov and admitted that the situation there is not easy. According to him, he and his colleagues see this, and, of course, the government is thinking about what and how it can be done additionally to support it. As a result, Putin thanked the business ombudsman for his attention to this issue.