OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, a new regulation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came into force on the replacement and issuance of passports. The latest photo requirements for the main document of a citizen prohibit even minimal processing and retouching.

The regulation states that "it is not allowed to present a photograph of a citizen with an edited image in order to improve the appearance of the person depicted or its artistic processing."

The requirement is explained simply: the photo in the passport must reliably reflect the facial features and all its features.

As for other passport photo requirements, a person cannot, for example, be photographed with colored contact lenses. If a person constantly wears glasses, he can take pictures in them, but the glasses in them should not be tinted. In addition, a photographed person shouldn't choose frames that visually cover his eyes.

As for the outfit for such a picture, it should be neither a uniform nor an overcoat. Also, do not wear a scarf or cover part of the chin with other parts of clothing.

And the photo must be recent - that is, it must correspond to the age at the time of application, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Earlier, the head of Goznak, Arkady Trachuk, warned the Russians about the most popular method of forging passports. He said that the most common passport forgery is a re-pasted photograph. The specialist added that "there are ways to identify fake passport photos, but they imply the presence of at least primitive equipment and minimal observation."