OREANDA-NEWSThe Russian Agricultural Supervision Authority will ask the Federal Tax Service to inspect 36 Belarusian intermediaries illegally supplying products to the Russian Federation under the guise of transit to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, according to the official website of the department.

“The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision prepared a letter to the Federal Tax Service with a request to conduct inspections against 36 Belarusian intermediary companies carrying out illegal deliveries of Belarusian products to Russia using the scheme of“ false transit ”to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,” reporting authority.

The basis for the voiced conclusions was the publicly available words of the head of a Belarusian company, who said that his company is being overloaded in Moscow while supplying products to Kazakhstan. According to the current rules, in case of transshipment of goods in transit, the veterinary service of Belarus is obliged to inform the department about this, which has not been done. Accordingly, transit cannot be recognized as legal.

Russian agricultural supervision intends to conduct its own investigation of the entire chain of movement of Belarusian products. According to the results of the events, appropriate measures will be taken.

Last week, the Office reported that it had appealed to the FSB and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with a request to take measures against the "gray" transit schemes of Belarusian animal products through the territory of the Russian Federation to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
 This is not the first case of aggravation of relations between Russia and Belarus in recent weeks.