OREANDA-NEWSAmerican sanctions will not affect Russian politics, they only undermine the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation with Moscow. This is stated in a statement issued on Wednesday by the Russian Embassy in Washington in connection with the introduction of the United States of next restrictive measures.

“We would like to remind our colleagues that restriction will not change the policies of Russia. And their authors damage only their own interests - they undermine the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation with our country”, the document says.

“Washington continues to believe that through restrictive measures they will be able to undermine the positive changes that have been happening in Crimea since the reunification with the Russian Federation. They can't come to terms with the successes of the Russian authorities in the comprehensive development of this region, in particular the implementation of a large-scale infrastructure project to launch direct road and rail links with the peninsula", the statement emphasizes.

Diplomats pointed out that the US authorities are "trying in a destructive light to present transparent political processes" in Crimea.