OREANDA-NEWS. Vladimir Kattsov, the head of the Main Geophysical Observatory of the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, predicted that in the second half of the XXI century, Russia would experience various climatic disasters, including heat and floods.

“The things we are doing now will influence in the second half of the XXI century. We are sentenced to a certain development of events. […] These pictures… show some climate changes on the territory of our country. There are tides of heat, there are some phenomena related to the floods, and so on. Of course, they are very important in order to prepare for them in advance,” Kattsov said.

According to the scientist, people are to blame for such a rapid climate change. He emphasized that earlier experts considered attempts to reduce the influence of the anthropogenic factor as the main task, but recently it turned out that the planet’s climate system is inert, therefore the question of adapting civilization to weather anomalies arose.