OREANDA-NEWSThe increase in wages in the regions of European Russia has caused a large number of citizens to move. Scientists came to this conclusion.

The research was conducted at the Tyumen State University. "Demand for work is decreasing in the north, while in the european part of Russia it is growing. We can see it in the dynamics of employment and wages. Therefore, state programmes aimed at preserving and increasing the population of the northern regions should not be aimed at labour supply, i.e. not migration per se, but at expanding labour demand in the far north," professor Marina Giltman of Tyumen State University explained.

Researchers have found that in the last decade and a half, salaries in the regions of central and southern Russia have been growing faster than in the north. And working conditions are incomparably easier. This is forcing people in the northern regions to migrate.

At the same time, labour migrants are more likely to go to the north. It's easier for them to find work here, the competition is lower.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the average salary in the country is very low. According to her, the income of Russians, who receive the average salary in the country, is small.