OREANDA-NEWS. Fraudsters are trying to deceive Russians in the offline, online store and large banks, offering them dubious shares and offers for "Black Friday", allegedly on their behalf.

Unknown people often call under the guise of an employee of one of the largest banks with information about a lucrative loan offer for Black Friday, which will be held on November 27 this year. During the conversation, the fraudster tries to get the data of his bank cards from the potential "client".

As Natalia Pshenichnikova, senior lecturer at the department of legal disciplines at Synergy University, confirms, scammers now often offer various banking products with deep discounts for the so-called Black Friday.

She clarifies that we are talking here about offers to issue credit cards with a good percentage of income, increased cashback on cards, lower interest on loans and other significant discounts.

Sergei Golovanov, a leading expert at Kaspersky Lab, advises that if the cybercriminals' offer sounds plausible, then it is better to call the bank's official number and clarify whether such an action is taking place now, and only then decide whether to participate in it.

The expert reminds that it is impossible to disclose the one-time code from the bank's SMS messages to anyone. If you are asked to enter something on the site, carefully check the address bar: the spelling of the site address must be correct, and the connection must be secure - this is evidenced by the "green lock" icon in front of the address.

VTB also warned about fraudsters allegedly acting on behalf of large retail chains. Bank employees said that citizens received phone calls or SMS from malefactors describing discounts on electronics, household appliances, clothes, shoes, household and health products. Customers were asked to follow the link and pre-order for a big additional discount.

The result is not difficult to predict: after receiving all the necessary information with the data of customers' bank cards, the scammers disappeared.