OREANDA-NEWS About it on January, 22 reports a press-service of Regional hospital with reference to Professor-the therapist Irina Demko. According to the expert, the number of cases of pneumonia Krasnoyarsk, including in severe form, began to grow sharply in December 2018.

Emergency hospitalis working double duty – 112 hospitalized respiratory patients. Under pulmonary patients allocated an additional 40 more beds in other wards.

Of 112 patients, 84 recorded pneumonia, the rest patients with pleurisy and chronic lung diseases. Of 84 cases of severe pneumonia 22, and in intensive care are 14 patients.

In the hospital №20 are 92 people with pneumonia. In addition to the 50 pulmonary intensive care beds there are in addition allocated 30 beds. The railway hospital hospitalized 72 patients, 6 people are in intensive care units.

In the Regional hospital are treated 48 patients with pneumonia and 9 are in intensive care. Patients with pneumonia are also taken to the research Institute of problems of the North, where 14 patients are currently being treated, 27 patients with pneumonia are treated in hospital No. 7.

According to the Krasnoyarsk ambulance, 63 adults and 7 children were hospitalized with pneumonia in the last day (21-22 January).

As noted by Professor therapist Irina Demko, the epidemic pattern is similar to winter in 2016, According to the expert, the bad situation will last until March.

We will remind, in January in the emergency hospital over the past Christmas holidays, several people died from pneumonia.

Last year we had a break. Epidemiological picture of winter 2018-2019 similar in 2016. Fortunately, 50% of the population of the region are vaccinated against influenza, and among the recorded severe pneumonia there is not a single vaccinated, but still: the epidkartina gloomy. In my opinion, the difficult situation will last until March, but I can reassure citizens - we keep the situation under control , - says Irina Demko Julia