OREANDA-NEWS. Since coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation) has not recorded human rights violations by their fighters. This denial was made by Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban government Abdul Salam Hanafi, reports Sputnik.Afghanistan.

He also noted that the Taliban government employs about half a million employees of the former state apparatus. Hanafi expressed hope that the Central Asian countries will assist Afghanistan in its reconstruction after a long war.

The Deputy Prime Minister also added that the current government is the first Islamic government in Afghanistan, and it must be supported by the whole world. Hanafi called the government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan independent and stable. He called on the United States to unfreeze Afghan financial assets in American banks.

According to Hanafi, IEA, due to its geographical location, can offer good investment opportunities to neighboring countries. According to him, the Taliban government intends to build peaceful relations with neighbors.

Earlier, Hanafi called the Taliban government inclusive. He noted that the Taliban have already fulfilled all the necessary conditions for the recognition of their authority in Afghanistan by the international community.