OREANDA-NEWS. Vyacheslav Kruglov, deputy head of the correctional colony No. 18 in Novosibirsk, will appear in court. He was arrested after the death of a prisoner and accused of abuse of authority. This is reported by Russian media MK in Novosibirsk.

According to investigators, on October 19, 2020, Kruglov learned that one of the convicts died of a drug overdose, and traces of beatings were found on his body. In order for the colony not to lose it's already low rating, the deputy chief hid what happened until November 6, 2020.

He deleted the recordings from the surveillance cameras and did not register the presence of drug trafficking in the colony. For these reasons, the employees of the GUFSIN were unable to solve the crimes, and the rights of the convicted person were violated.

The date of the court hearing in the criminal case has not yet been set.

Formerly the Independent Committee against Corruption and Torture Gulagu.net reported on the torture of prisoners in the Irkutsk pre-trial detention center-1. More than a hundred prisoners were tortured and raped, some of them lost their minds.

Information about crimes Gulagu.net got from a former prisoner-programmer. The archive of photos and videos has 40 gigabytes of materials.