OREANDA-NEWS. The final stage of clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine, which are jointly conducted by the Gamalei national research center and the Russian defense Ministry, has begun, the military Department reported.

Testing began on June 18. Nine participants in the experiment were given one component of the vaccine, and nine more were given the second component. Later, on June 23, 20 more volunteers were given the vaccine.this group will receive the drug in a booster version — they will later be given the second component of the vaccine.

The first group of volunteers testing the vaccine will be released on July 15 after passing control tests, and they will return to their duty stations. Now their condition is good, "complaints about health, negative reactions or adverse events are not noted," according to the Ministry of defense.

The second group of volunteers, who are conducting research on the effectiveness and immunogenicity of the vaccine, will be given the second component of the coronavirus vaccine on July 13. The booster vaccination scheme provided for this group allows you to consolidate immunity and ensure an increase in its duration, the Agency explains.

The data obtained, as noted, " indicate the formation of the first and second groups of volunteers of the immune response to the introduction of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine."