OREANDA-NEWS. A series of watches with words of gratitude to the doctors, who worked during the COVID-19 pandemic, will be made from the Kremlin Christmas tree after it's dismantling. Timur Usmanov, a member of the central council of the Russian Society for Nature Protection, told RIA Novosti. The ecologist called on the heads of the regions to provide a list of medical institutions, that have distinguished themselves in the fight against coronavirus.

In 2021, the project «The Second Life of the Kremlin Christmas Tree» will be dedicated to the feat of Russian doctors, who have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for a year. After dismantling, the main Christmas tree of the country will be sent for recycling and will receive a second life in the form of a special series of exclusive watches with words of gratitude to Russian doctors. Usmanov said, that he expect, that the gift watch will take pride of place above the entrance to the hospital and will become a symbol of professionalism and trust in the employees of the medical institution for visitors.

Also, the branches of the main Christmas tree will become the basis for the badges, that will be awarded to the participants of the educational project «Divide and Multiply». Some of the needles will be transferred to the Moscow Zoo, where it's used to enrich the habitat of animals and to design aviaries.

The Russian Society for Nature Protection has been implementing the project «The Second Life of the Kremlin Christmas Tree» since 2015 with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. In 2020, a series of watches was also made from wood.