OREANDA-NEWS. Russian diplomats have commented on changes in the issuance of visas to foreign journalists that were proposed by the US authorities. They believe that the measures proposed by the US Department of Homeland Security to tighten the procedure for issuing visas to foreign journalists unnecessarily complicate bureaucratic procedures and create unnecessary and incomprehensible barriers to the normal work of media representatives.

Russian diplomats are confident that the innovations proposed by the IMI related to the revision of the procedure for issuing visas of category "I" significantly complicate the professional activities and work of foreign journalists in the United States.

The Russian embassy representatives said that the artificial complication of bureaucratic formalities and the creation of additional obstacles to the normal work of foreign journalists runs counter to the notions of freedom of speech and equal access to information, which have always been proclaimed by the American authorities. The reasons for such tightening are also not clear, as well as expediency of new visa rules.

According to diplomats, this decision has a downside. Indeed, based on the principle of reciprocity in international relations, the measures proposed by the BIP may negatively affect the work of American reporters in other countries.