OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at the last government meeting this year, the government continues to work to stabilize prices for social food products.

Mishustin said that this was done at the behest of the president. He announced the current direction of about 5 billion rubles to producers of flour and bakery products, in order to partially compensate them for the costs of purchasing grain and selling finished products.

According to the government, these measures will support producers and keep prices for bread and other mass products.

As reported in the government decree, the Russian government compensates bakery enterprises for part of their production costs.

The Ministry of Agriculture and regional authorities will enter into agreements with bakeries who want to receive subsidies in exchange for stopping price increases. The subsidy will amount to 2 thousand rubles per ton of bread and bakery products with a short shelf life - no more than five days. In exchange, the bakery must fix prices for its products.

These measures were taken taking into account that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to promptly respond to the rise in prices for basic products so as not to reduce their availability. On December 15, Mishustin signed a resolution to stabilize the cost of food.