OREANDA-NEWS. Soyots are a small indigenous people of the Okinsky region of Buryatia. The administrative center of the district is located in the mountain village of Orlik. Interfax told Russians about the culture and way of life of this people.

Soyots have traditionally been engaged in deer and yak breeding and hunting. In Orlik, you can visit the performances of a local ensemble performing Soyot national songs and dances, as well as visit a workshop where folk costumes are sewn.

The word soyot itself, as the authors of the material explain, is related to the name of the mountains - Sayan. In Usul Sorok, you can visit the Ilchir ethnic complex to learn more about the Soyot rituals. Representatives of the people profess two religions: Buddhism and Shamanism. Many local beliefs are associated with mountain imagery.

The highest Buddhist temple in Russia is located in Orlik - the Putsognamdolling datsan. It was built 100 years ago, but was destroyed during the Soviet era. The temple consists of two dugans (parishes); there is also a meditation cave near the village.

Earlier it was reported that Tuva celebrated the Day of the Tuvan language, which is celebrated annually on November 1. Within the framework of the holiday, the Ministry of Education of Tuva, together with the Institute for the Development of the National School, held a folk dictation and a republican competition of storytelling skills.