OREANDA-NEWS. Deputies of "United Russia" will submit to the State Duma a bill on life imprisonment for pedophilia, said the head of the committee of the lower house of parliament on information policy, information technology and communications Alexander Khinshtein.

Earlier, on September 6, two ten-year-old schoolgirls disappeared; they did not return home from school. The bodies of the girls were found the next day in one of the private houses. The suspect in the murder - previously convicted 41-year-old Viktor Pesternikov - has been detained. He was charged with murder, rape and sexual assault.

"Together with Andrei Turchak and Pavel Krasheninnikov, today we are submitting to the State Duma on behalf of United Russia a bill that toughens criminal liability for pedophiles. Changes are made to Articles 131 and 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. We propose to establish the most severe punishment - life imprisonment for any pedophile, when a crime involves violence, grave consequences or is committed against two or more minors, for any repeated crime against the sexual inviolability of minors," Khinshtein wrote in his Telegram channel.

In Russia, there is no medical and police control over pedophiles; for these reasons, there is a surge in the level of crime in the country, the victims of which are children. Professor of forensic science Anatoly Kustov said this to Lenta.ru.

According to him, the pedophile surveillance system works very weakly and regularly fails. In addition, Kustov believes that school psychologists could conduct classes with students about behavior when meeting with pedophiles, but such conversations are rarely held.