OREANDA-NEWS  During the event, Klepach noted that it is more convenient for VEB.RF and many banks to finance the "greening" of the economy through loans, and not through bonds. According to him, there are no “green” bonds as such on the Russian financial market, indicating that abroad they are an investment object for funds.

“As you know, this segment is extremely poorly developed here, although from a financial point of view, it would probably be promising, under certain conditions, for the funds of pension funds to be invested in these bonds - both private and through management companies from the Pension Fund of Russia ", - said Klepach.

At the same time, the economist added that from a global point of view, it is not necessary to develop individual instruments - "green" loans or bonds - but to build a taxonomy system for "green" projects, as well as a system for the production of carbon units and their trade.

“I would raise the question not only in terms of a loan or bonds. We will still face the need to buy carbon units, organize their trade, and this will be important for all producers with a significant carbon footprint ”, - Klepach said.