OREANDA-NEWS. Turkish scientists have developed a device which is capable of diagnosing coronavirus infection of a new type in 10 seconds. This follows from a statement published on the website of the Bilkent University.

The device was named Diagnovir, its efficiency is estimated at 99 %. It is capable of detecting COVID-19 in saliva samples. The sample is mixed with a special solution, after which the mixture is dripped onto the pathogen detection chip. When coronavirus is detected, the optical system changes its colour.

“The system uses optical and electronic modules that provide both accurate detection of viruses and high selectivity of detection. […] We believe that this system will be widely used in our country and in the world as a fast and reliable method for detecting viruses,” the message reads.

The virus detection technology has been developed for seven months; it is capable of working in the future not only with SARS-CoV-2, but also with other pathogens.