OREANDA-NEWS. For the first time, two transgender women have been elected to the Bundestag following elections. We are talking about the candidates from the "Greens" Tessa Ganserer and Nike Slavik.

Having reached the Bundestag, politicians are going to fight for the rights of gay people. The most popular was the 44-year-old Tessa Ganserer, and all because of her ambiguous appearance. She used to be a man named Marcus. In addition, the Green candidate is married and has two sons.

In order to emphasize his femininity, Ganserer had to buy a wig. To make the voice more melodic, it took a visit to the vocals.

Tessa Ganserer is not going to officially change her name and gender indicated in the documents. The fact is that there is a law on transsexuals in the country, according to which adjustments to personal data can be made after a psychological assessment and a court decision.

Tessa Ganserer told the Bavarian TV channel BR that she had achieved a "super result" in the Sunday elections. According to the 44-year-old transgender woman, her election shows that Germany is an “open and tolerant” country.

"I am still totally overwhelmed, but I am looking forward to my new job in Berlin!" - wrote Ganserer on Twitter.

She is already being called the first politician in the German parliament to openly appear as transgender. Before that, there was already one transgender politician in the Bundestag, but she came out only after the end of her term.

As for Nike Slavik, she is originally from North Rhine-Westphalia, she is 27 years old.

The elections in Germany were held on September 26. The Social Democratic Party won with 25.8 percent of the vote.