OREANDA-NEWSThe Federal District Court of Wichita (Kansas) sentenced on Thursday the Russian woman to Bogdan Osipova to seven years in prison for kidnapping and transporting her own children outside the United States, as well as under "Extortion". This correspondent of Russian news reported in the court. "The sentence was announced - this is 84 months of imprisonment, three years of oversight, as well as a fine, compensation for damage of $ 18,100 and an additional fee of $ 300", said a member of the judicial apparatus. The verdict was announced by the federal district judge Erik Melgren. The meeting lasted almost four hours.

Earlier, a jury trial Wichita found Osipov guilty of bringing children out of the United States, as well as under two paragraphs of the article “Extortion on an international scale related to kidnapping”. 38-year-old Bogdana Osipova has been under arrest in the United States since September 2017 at the suit of her former husband, father of her two younger children, and former US soldier Brian Mobley.

On September 26, 2017, Osipova arrived in Wichita to resolve the issue of custody of children together with Mobli. She filed a lawsuit in the family court of the city, as she didn't agree with the transfer of full custody to her father. The court accepted the documents and set a date for the hearings, but two days later the FBI officers detained the Russian woman as part of the criminal case filed by the former spouse.

During the court hearings, Osipova agreed to the return of younger children to the United States, counting on subsequent release, but the Russian court, guided by the interests of the children, didn't give permission for their export abroad. Currently, girls live in the Russian Federation with a guardian, Aunt Osipova’s native.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, at a meeting on May 14 in Sochi with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, expressed concern about Osipova’s fate. Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow calls on Washington to stop legal arbitrariness against Russian women.