OREANDA-NEWS. Since Wednesday, May 12, the US diplomatic mission in Russia has been reducing the volume of consular services. The processing of applications for the issuance of nonimmigrant visas other than diplomatic travel is suspended.

Representatives of the US Embassy explained the reduction of consular services by limitation imposed on the work of the American diplomatic mission, introduced by the Russian Federation at the end of April in response to another anti-Russian sanctions.

The embassy also warned that they will not deliver consular services to their citizens, except in emergency cases on urgent matters. In addition, the embassy recommended that all US citizens with an expiring visa leave Russia by June 15th.

As noted in the embassy, due to the actions of the Russian government, they had to decrease the number of consular offices by 75 percent.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is embarrassed about the US statement, noting that the decision to restrict consular services in the Russian Federation looks like a manifestation of the inefficiency of American consular and diplomatic services. In general, the situation can be described as "we do not know how to work and do not want to work," said representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Indeed, in Russian consular offices (and the United States has significantly reduced their number in recent years), the visa processing time has not changed and is up to 10 days.

On April 15, the United States introduced new anti-Russian sanctions. American side also told about the expulsion of 10 members of the Russian diplomatic mission from the country.