OREANDA-NEWS. Russia has always been one of Germany's most reliable partners since the end of the Cold War, the attempts of the West to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation and draw Ukraine into it is an example of an aggressive position. On Thursday, December 9, Gunnar Beck, a member of the European Parliament from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, said this in an interview with Izvestia.

“Russia is one of the most generous political partners of Germany. [...] Unfortunately, the West and the federal government (Germany - Ed.) Did not react to these generous diplomatic gestures from Russia after the inauguration of Merkel (ex-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angels - Ed.), But responded with constant interference in the internal affairs of Russia ... Attempts to drag Ukraine into the western orbit are also an example of the aggressive position of the West, ”he said.

According to the deputy, this position is expressed, in particular, in the fact that the West is using far-fetched pretexts to refuse to commission the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Beck expressed confidence that further provocations by the new government of Germany are fraught with great risk to economic and political relations between the two countries.

In addition, the politician stressed that Germany and the European Union must finally admit that many diplomatic conflicts in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe cannot be resolved without Russia and that a further deterioration in trade relations will hit Germany harder than Russia.

Earlier on Thursday, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to organize opposition to Russian policy. According to him, the Ukrainian side is waiting for a "powerful voice from Berlin" in order to provide a "cold shower" for Russia, as it is supposedly "preparing for war."