OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian journalist and leader of the Derzhava political party Dmitry Vasilets believes that most of his compatriots would not want the country to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

"Regular bravura statements about" Ukraine's desire to join NATO "have never been backed up by an All-Ukrainian referendum. Real sociological research suggests that the result of such a referendum will be negative," he wrote in an article for Vesti.ua.

According to the politician, the representatives of the alliance also do not consider it necessary to hold a vote, since they are "well aware" of the attitude of Ukrainians towards joining any international blocs.

Vasilets noted that he considers the alliance a harmful structure that exists for the sake of enrichment and ensuring the security of the United States through the spread of aggression throughout the world.

"I am deeply convinced that the existence of the NATO bloc is a constant threat to humanity," he concluded.

The article notes that the alliance, for the most part, is a Russophobic structure. The politician noted that this is still incompatible with a country in which half of the population "speaks and thinks in Russian."

Among other things, Vasilets also recalled that the clause on maintaining permanent neutrality and refusing to join any blocs was spelled out in the Declaration of Independence of the country, which, according to the politician, formed the basis of modern Ukrainian statehood.