OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian TV channel "NASH" was punished for broadcasting part of the press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine reported on the website that the laws of the country were thus violated.

The regulator issued a warning to the channel due to the dissemination of biased information. “All topics were covered from the positions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. The published narratives had a one-sided, propagandistic character,” the message says.

The council stressed that the comments on the air were not accompanied by balanced comments from the representatives of the Ukrainian TV channel and the public. The regulator concluded that such one-sided coverage of information, without objectivity, "could potentially negatively affect the dynamics of democratic processes in Ukraine and distort them."

In addition to the warning, the company was obliged to bring the broadcasts in line with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation within a month.