OREANDA-NEWS. The editorial board of the Belarusian media «Nasha Niva» announced the hacking of the Telegram news channel. On the night of Friday, March 26, unknown persons seized the media's channel, changed it's name to obscene, deleted all news for March 25 and about 1300 of more than 90 thousand subscribers, until the administrator restored control over the channel.

In addition, the accounts of three editorial staff members, including Deputy editor-in-Chief Dmitry Pankovets, were hacked, and access to them has already been restored, it is indicated further. «Such hacking attempts occur for the second night in a row — at about 3 am, employees of «NN» receive reports of an attempted hacking», the media noted.

The editors of «Nasha Niva» noted, that the attackers could not get the personal information of subscribers, but did not rule out, that they seized all the correspondence of Dmitry Pankovets. At the same time, the editorial board reported, that they dont not know who committed the hacker attack. The statement indicates, that the attackers tried to hack the accounts of not only full-time journalists, but also freelancers, and the Investigative Committee several months ago requested the data of each of them.

Earlier it was reported about the sanctions imposed by the Baltic countries against the Belarusian authorities.