OREANDA-NEWS In the evening of December 31, "Yandex" will show on its main page its first New Year's show, said the search engine.

Removes the show media group Arkady Rotenberg's "Red Square". The company has been producing programs for TV channels for many years, primarily for First channel, it is one of the largest producers of TV content in Russia. The most famous projects shot by the "Red Square": "ProjectorParisHilton", "Fashion sentence", "Who wants to become a millionaire?», «Star factory». The company has already cooperated with Yandex – this year their joint Internet show "on music" was released. The show was closed after four issues.

The representative of the "Red Square" confirmed that the company removes the search engine for the New Year's show.

New Year's show on "Yandex" will be released in the record, said the representative of the search engine. Guests of the show will be artists and bloggers, which often asked users "Yandex", stated in the message of the company. It will be led by blogger Sasha Spielberg, actress Irina Chesnokova, comedian Ilya Sobolev. Among the guests are bloggers Katya Klep, Ida Galich, musicians Vera Brezhneva, Olga Seryabkina, Elka, Manizha, CYGO, Satyr and others. "Yandex" will show the current show, concert, and public kinonovell.

"Yandex" and "Red Square" do not disclose the budget of the show. The search engine expects to make money on this project with the help of advertising and sponsors. 

"Millions of people come to Yandex in the New Year. Knowing this and well understanding the interests of users, we decided to make our own show and invite to it those about whom Yandex was most often asked in the past year. We also understand the desire of the business to be remembered by a wide audience and give it such an opportunity," the words of the commercial Director of the search engine Leonid Savkov are quoted in the message.

On New Year's eve 2017/18 on the main page of "Yandex " came 12 million people, 37% - from mobile devices. Another 3.8 million people at this time used the mobile application "Yandex".

About creating your own New Year's show a week ago and announced the social network "Classmates". Its production is engaged in LiveSignal and "Easier-production", which, unlike the "Red Square" are not engaged in television content. The show "Odnoklassniki" will show on its air the TV channel "Mir". The stars of this show will be at the request of users of the social network to cut salads, juggle tangerines and sing.