OREANDA-NEWS. The legendary Swedish pop quartet ABBA plans to release new musical compositions next year. However, the information provided by the manager of the band is at variance with the words of the soloists.

One of them, Bjorn Ulvaeus, said that ABBA has reunited and recorded five new songs for the first time in 27 years. The premiere of the singles is scheduled for 2021. According to the singer, initially the musicians expected to present two new compositions in 2020, but plans have changed. They decided to postpone the releases due to the spread of coronavirus infection and technical problems. Now, instead of two songs, the band intends to present five.

At the same time, ABBA manager Yorel Hanser informed that there are still only two new songs for release, and the date of the premiere is still unknown.

ABBA’s last studio album was presented in 1982. However, fans were able to hear some of the previously unreleased compositions in the early 90s.