OREANDA-NEWS. Elizabeth II made significant changes to the celebration of her birthday, which are associated with the death of Prince Philip.

The funeral of Prince Philip took place last weekend. The monarch passed away at the age of 99 on April 9. Farewell to the monarch's special passed with several deviations from traditions - Philip did not want a magnificent funeral and in advance made a plan for his burial. For example, all relatives of the wife of Elizabeth II were dressed in ordinary suits, and not in military uniforms. Throughout the ceremony, the queen was masked and sat alone in the cathedral.

Soon - April 21 - the Queen of Great Britain will celebrate her 95th birthday. The first in so many years without Prince Philip. Naturally, the celebration will take place with significant changes in connection with the death of the birthday girl's spouse.

One of the most important changes that was announced immediately after the funeral is that Elizabeth II refused to appear for an official portrait in honor of the holiday of her own free will. “The absence of Prince Philip is impossible to ignore. Elizabeth II postponed plans for a photo on her birthday, because she is in mourning for her beloved husband. For the first time in 70 years, he will not be with her on her holiday, and everything will be completely different,” the royal expert told the Daily Mail.

Experts also say that Prince Harry, who flew to his grandfather's funeral, may stay for the Queen's 95th birthday.

By the way, they say on the Web that this year, like last year, Elizabeth II will refuse the festive fireworks. In 2020, she did it because of the coronavirus pandemic - the queen believed that at this difficult time, people were not up to lavish celebrations. Now the reason is obvious. Neither Elizabeth herself nor her subjects can enjoy life when the country recently lost its oldest monarch.