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Chip 'n' Dale
18.06.2021, 12:58

The Walt Disney Company has announced the release of a new animated series about the adventures of chipmunks Chip and Dale. New show called "Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life"

Rezo Gabriadze
07.06.2021, 09:53
Famous Soviet and Georgian Screenwriter, Director and Artist Rezo Gabriadze Has Died in Tbilisi
Cate Blanchett
01.06.2021, 17:08
The debut shot from the set was published by another star of the film - Jamie Lee Curtis.
Carla Fracci
28.05.2021, 17:36

She was called the "muse", "soul", "queen" of the Italian ballet

Tv series
28.05.2021, 11:06
The second part of the fifth season of "Lucifer" will be released on Friday, May 28, via the Netflix video service.
Главный тренер Реал Мадрид
20.05.2021, 17:50
The fate of the post of head coach of the Real Madrid football club is being decided whether Zidane will remain or leave his current position.
Шерилин Саркисян (Шер)
20.05.2021, 16:04
Winner of numerous awards and prizes, singer and actress Cher celebrates her 75th birthday today. In this article, we present the most memorable ups of this beautiful and talented woman.
Easter in Orthodox Greece
20.04.2021, 13:04
Easter in Orthodox Greece is celebrated on May 2 this year. The Resurrection of Christ in Greece this year will take place two hours earlier - at 22.00 local time.
20.03.2021, 16:51
Russian tourists in Cuba were given access to excursions that take place outside the resort islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.
View of the Louvre pyramid at dusk.
04.03.2021, 17:43

The armor was stolen on May 31, 1983 and the circumstances of this larceny are still unknown.

папа Римский Франциск
25.12.2020, 16:14
The first Russian translation of Pope Francis's encyclical was published by the International Muslim Forum and the Medina Publishing House by Christmas. It is called «All Brothers».
25.12.2020, 15:37
The electronic library of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan was replenished with 180 copies of books published before 1913. This was reported by the press service of the DUM RT.
25.12.2020, 12:55
The network found out the official release date of the New Year's short film entitled «Cheburashka. The secret of the holiday». The film industry «Soyuzmultfilm» announced that the cartoon will premiere on December 31.
Germany Will Return to Russia 3 Thousand Icons Confiscated at the Border
25.09.2020, 10:40

This issue is being resolved through the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

The Heaviest Neutron Star Can Be The Lightest Black Hole In Virgo Collaboration
08.07.2020, 21:12
Unknown space object was a star once, eaten by a massive black hole


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