OREANDA-NEWS. Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) spoke with Hollywood actor David Duchovny on behalf of eco-activist Greta Thunberg and her father. They called the star of the TV series «The X-Files» and said, that his film character Fox Mulder was chipped by aliens. However, Duchovny did not believe the pranksters and interrupted the conversation.

«The conversation naturally turned to UFOs. «Greta» told David, that he hears orders from aliens in his head, in response, he admitted, that he does not believe in contacts with UFOs; unlike his hero, he, to our disappointment, turned out to be a skeptic. He understood everything when we told him, that the aliens had implanted a chip to the Agent Fox Mulder, and immediately hung up», Kuznetsov says.

The pranksters also told Duchovny, that Greta's mission was to send him to a spaceship. On behalf of Thunberg, Vovan and Lexus also told the actor, that sometimes «strange things happen to the girl», she «hears orders from aliens».

«My father says I'm crazy, but I don't think so. They tell me to do different things, now these voices again break in, < ... > here again. How do I get rid of them, like you get rid of UFOs, David?» – it is spoken in the record published on the official page of prankers on YouTube.
Dukhovny replied to
«Greta», that he should not be confused with the hero of «The X-Files»: he believes in other forms of life, but not in contact with UFOs, since he has not seen evidence of their existence.