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Irina Shayk and Kanye West
14.06.2021, 16:37
American hip-hop artist Kanye West has unsubscribed from his Twitter account, which belongs to his ex-wife, TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian.
Sergey Pakhomov.
04.06.2021, 14:05
He does not rule out that the West companies will want to reshoot the underground Russian film of 1999.
04.06.2021, 12:43

The musician, through the image of the painted hero, tried to speculate in a new video on the topic of the destructive influence of man on the planet.

The wreath.
01.06.2021, 12:23
In 1960, as a special correspondent of «Izvestia», he accompanied Khrushchev on a trip to the countries of the East.
14.05.2021, 17:30

The rap artist's song had profanity

Kevin Guthrie in Sunset Song.
14.05.2021, 16:34
Kevin Guthrie has been sentenced to three years in prison for a sexual offence, according to Scottish TV channel «STV News».
Rock show.
14.05.2021, 10:08

The bands «Pornofilmy», «Nogu Svelo», Noize MC, Alexey Kortnev and others created a petition on the platform Change

Performance in Krasnoyarsk.
03.05.2021, 13:24
A statement to the police was filed by a Krasnoyarsk blogger, journalist Daniil Rad (Rubinovich).
American hip-hop musician Amir Thompson
29.04.2021, 15:51
Popular American hip-hop musician Amir Thompson, known as Questlove, came to the Oscars wearing holes made of rubber with a dusting of precious metal.
American rap artist Kodak Black
29.04.2021, 09:52
American rap artist Kodak Black was sentenced to 18 months probation for assaulting a teenager in a hotel room.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
28.04.2021, 14:54

The show will be held at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles (USA).

Till Lindemann
27.04.2021, 15:48
The clip of the band leader Till Lindemann for Mark Bernes' song "Favorite City" has gained 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
26.04.2021, 14:12

The record of the Senate meeting was published by the HipHopDX portal on the social network Twitter.

Queen Elizabeth II
21.04.2021, 14:08
Queen Elizabeth II turns 95 on Wednesday 21 April. She will celebrate her birthday in mourning in connection with the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip, who died on April 9 at the age of 99.
Члены королевской семьи
20.04.2021, 12:11
The heirs of Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William, will hold negotiations during which the fate of the British monarchy will be decided.


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