OREANDA-NEWS. A climate activist from Sweden Greta Thunberg criticized politicians for making promises instead of real deeds. In her Twitter account, the environmental activist wrote, that our house is on fire, and words and promises will not put out the flames, no matter how beautiful they may sound.

«Every single day leaders have the possibility to act, and yet they actively choose not to do it. Instead they set up vague hypothetical pledges and commitments way into the future. No more excuses. If only leaders were as good as taking real action as they were giving speeches...then we would be way out of danger by now», wrote Thunberg.

Earlier, Greta Thunberg published a video message to the heads of state and government who are taking part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Welt reports. A climate activist said, that today's goals and commitments are clearly not enough, accusing politicians of talking nonsense. She called on world leaders to «treat the climate and environmental situation as an emergency».

According to her, it's like a game. The one, who packs and sells their ideas best, wins. «At present, we can hold as many meetings and summits as we want, but if we do not treat the climate and environmental emergency as an emergency, then sufficient changes will not be achieved», said Thunberg.