OREANDA-NEWS. Aa a new research of American scientists showed, many cosmetics widely sold in retail chains have high concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFAS), a potentially toxic class of staffs that are associated with the risk of causing a number of serious diseases. An article with the results was published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

Scientists at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana have tested over 200 popular beauty products widely sold in the US and Canada, among which there were foundations, lipsticks, eyelash and eyebrow products. The results showed that 56 percent of foundations and eye products, 48 ​​percent of lipsticks and 47 percent of mascaras contain high levels of fluoride, indicating the use of PFAS.

This group primarily includes products that manufacturers describe as "persistent" and "indelible", since PFAS is often added to increase water resistance and better film formation.

"These results are of particular concern, given the risk of consumer exposure, coupled with the size of the multibillion-dollar industry that supplies these products to consumers every day," the research leader, physics professor Graham Peaslee, said in a university press release.

The authors note that PFAS are extremely persistent staffs that enter the bloodstream and are poorly eliminated and accumulated in the body. In addition to the individual risk, there is a risk of environmental pollution associated with the production and disposal of these products.