Chemical manufacture

CoviVac Vaccine
24.06.2021, 15:24
At the Chumakov Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, they are checking how the KoviVac vaccine they have developed copes with new mutations of the coronavirus, in particular with the Indian strain (the delta strain according to the WHO classification)
17.06.2021, 15:58
The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) plans to offer manufacturers a vaccine adapted to the Indian strain of the coronavirus.
15.06.2021, 16:40
According to a new research by American scientists, many cosmetics widely sold in retail chains have high concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a potentially toxic class of chemicals that are associated with the risk of developing a number of serious diseases.
Russian scientists
13.05.2021, 11:36
The Shvabe holding (part of Rostec) has developed a Segment Gamma detector capable of detecting explosives and hazardous chemicals in five seconds.
07.05.2021, 17:16
Belarus has received a "candidate version" of its own vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19, its safety is to be assessed and clinical trials carried out, said on Friday the Deputy Minister of Health.
In the supermarket
07.05.2021, 16:24
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) no longer considers the common artificial color E-171 to be a safe food additive.
Electronic сigarette
06.05.2021, 13:37

The government approved an action plan for the implementation of the anti-tobacco concept until 2035: among them is the elaboration of a ban on the use of e-liquids in Russia.

16.04.2021, 15:19
Russian scientists from Novosibirsk have patented a method of vodka production, which allows to reduce its toxic and post-intoxication effect by 18-20%.
Plastic bottles
07.04.2021, 13:29
Voronezh scientists from VSUIT have come up with a plastic based on polyvinyl alcohol, which has no taste or smell. This plastic dissolves in a few minutes.
Vaccination of animals
31.03.2021, 11:52
Russia has registered the world's first and only vaccine against COVID-19 for animals "Karnivak-Kov".
Danone Opened a Laboratory at the Baby Food Factory in Moscow Region
08.06.2020, 15:31
Investments in its construction and equipment amounted to about 100 million rubles
Media Learned about US Claims against British American Tobacco due to Sanctions
14.04.2020, 15:30
The Times did not disclose which country BAT cooperated with in violation of US sanctions and what the violation of the sanctions regime consisted of
Experts Estimate the Loss of Perfumers due to Counterfeit on Web at $ 1 Billion
14.02.2020, 09:40
The damage to five companies - manufacturers of perfumes from the sale of counterfeit products on the Web in 2019, Group-IB experts estimated at $ 1 billion
Belarus Will Build a Quality Control Point for Russian Oil
27.12.2019, 13:15
During 2020, the first stage of the project will be implemented to install systems for measuring quality indicators at the reception of oil from Russia
Gazprom Neft Began Producing Marine Oils in Singapore
10.12.2019, 12:00
This will ensure the growing demand for high-tech marine oils and strengthen the company's position in the Asia-Pacific region


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