OREANDA-NEWS. On the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, journalists found a document describing a new invention of Apple. The new Apple car will receive a high-tech display system that warns other motorists of potential danger, writes «Appleinsider».

The project was called «External lighting and a hazard warning system». It's essence lies in the fact that the Apple car will use the displays on the front and rear parts of the body to notify other road users by text about the actions of it's driver. In addition to alerts about turns or stops, the car will be able to inform others about the speed of it's car or about the intention to park.

Earlier, the expert called the approximate timing of the appearance of the Apple Car on the automotive market. He is sure that the car, which he calls the Apple Car, will not be released before 2024. He explained that the corporation needs time to debug the production of the vehicle from scratch. At the same time, the company is forced to publish information about the development, since it is necessary to lay the foundation for creating a machine.