OREANDA-NEWS. The concept Audi «e-Tron GT», presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late 2018, has turned into a production car. On the way to the assembly line, the vehicle has acquired two versions at once (including the «charged» RS), and also returned to the traditional side mirrors and door handles.

The electric sedan will enter the market in two versions, both of which boast a twin-engine layout and all-wheel drive. The base «e-Tron GT» has a front engine with a peak output of 238 hp and a rear engine with 435 hp, but you can't add up these figures – the total return is limited by electronics, which can smoothly vary loads from 476 hp and 630 Nm to 530 hp and 640 Nm.

The «charged» version of the RS «e-Tron GT» stands out — the first electric RS in the history of Audi. In front, it has the same electric motor as the usual one (435 hp), and the rear produces not 435, but 456 forces with a combined output of 598 hp and 830 Nm.

Both versions are equipped with the same traction battery with a capacity of 93 kWh, one charge of which (according to the WLTP cycle) is enough for 472-487 kilometers of autonomous travel. There is also support for fast charging, which allows you to replenish the power reserve for 100 kilometers in 5 minutes and fully charge the battery in 25 minutes.

The acceleration dynamics of the sedan is very decent: the basic «e-Tron GT» accelerates to «hundreds» in 4.1 seconds and develops a speed of up to 245 km/h, and the RS-version for the same acceleration lasts 3.3 seconds at a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

Both the regular and RS versions can be retrofitted with optional carbon-ceramic brakes and a fully-controlled chassis, that allows the rear wheels to turn independently of the front ones. For an additional fee, adaptive cruise control, a remote-controlled parking system, matrix LED optics, laser-luminoform high beam (turns on at speeds of more than 70 km/h) and a voice-over system, that gives the car a synthesized «voice» similar to cars with conventional internal combustion engines are also available.