OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates shared how wealthy nations can help save humanity from climate catastrophe. The billionaire spoke about his ideas in a talk to Technology Review at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He believes that all rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic beef. He is sure that in the course of time consumers will get used to new taste of such kind of meat and manufacturers will improve this product over time. According to his idea, this step is necessary for reducing methane emissions into atmosphere of the planet.

At the same time, the billionaire noted that one can get used to the difference in taste over time. Gates added that some even find artificial meat tastes better than natural meat.

Earlier it was reported that McDonald's also announced its plans to create new burgers with artificial beef patty.

Earlier, Bill Gates said that humanity is not prepared for such a challenge as climate change. He noted that each year the death rate due to this factor will be "even higher" than during the coronavirus pandemic. So Gates called the achievement of climate neutrality the most difficult task for humanity. For this, in his opinion, it is necessary to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of coal, oil and gas.

Bill Gates named bioterrorism as another threat. According to him, those who want to harm people can create an artificial virus. He is convinced that the likelihood of encountering this problem is higher compared to natural epidemics.