OREANDA-NEWS. The PRC's State Food and Drug Administration has approved clinical trials of 22 COVID-19 vaccines, agency spokesman Yuan Lin said.

"The State Food and Drug Administration of China has already approved clinical trials of 22 COVID-19 vaccines developed using five different technologies," Yuan Lin said at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.

Four COVID-19 vaccines have received conditional release to market, and three more have been approved for emergency use in the country.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus in China, local scientists and specialized companies began researching five types of vaccines: recombinant subunit vaccine, inactivated vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine, and live attenuated influenza vaccine.

According to the chief epidemiologist of the PRC, Zhong Nanshan, the country is developing a vaccine based on an adenovirus vector and an inactivated vaccine the fastest. He also noted that it is usually necessary to observe the volunteers who participated in the research after clinical trials, it usually takes from a year to two years, but given the speed and scale of the spread of COVID-19, vaccines for this disease will enter the market faster than usual.