OREANDA-NEWS. American actor Leonardo DiCaprio will become an investor and consultant for startups Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat, which grow meat from cages, the companies said in a joint press release. Compared to traditional beef production, growing meat from cages can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce land use by more than 90% and water consumption by 50%.

"Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms have come up with new ways to meet the global demand for beef, while simultaneously solving some of the most pressing problems of modern industrial beef production,"- DiCaprio said.

The Israeli startup Aleph Farms is known for growing artificial meat in space in 2019, and this year it was the first in the world to print a rib eye steak on a 3D printer. The company plans to complete the first plant for growing meat from cages by the end of 2021 and bring its artificially grown beef to the market next year. The main buyers of its products are expected to be restaurants. It takes three to four weeks to produce Aleph Farms beef steak ready for sale, compared to the two to three years that are required when using traditional animal husbandry methods.

Mosa Meat is a company from the Netherlands that is engaged in the production of food products, including the cultivation of meat from cells in the laboratory. In 2013, she created the world's first burger made from artificially grown beef. The development of the first hamburger cost about $330 thousand. One of the first investors of the company Mosa Meat was Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Now there are more than 70 companies in the world that produce meat from cages, Bloomberg estimates. According to the forecasts of the consulting company Kearney, by 2040 this industry can take up to 35% of the global meat market, the volume of which will reach $1.8 trillion.

This is not the first investment of Leonardo DiCaprio in producers of alternative meat products. Earlier, the actor also invested in the producer of vegetable meat from the USA-Beyond Meat. The company makes meat from flour, pea protein, potato starch, spices, oil and water.