OREANDA-NEWSA limited batch of exclusive sneakers under the catchy name Jesus Shoes (Jesus Shoes) sold out in the US in minutes, despite the price of $ 3 thousand per pair. This was announced on Wednesday by the American television channel.

These Nike trademarked sneakers have nothing to do with the company. Nike Air Max 97s served only as the basis for Jesus Shoes, released in a batch of less than 20 pairs. The airbag in the platform is filled with water from the Jordan River, which the priest consecrated. On the side of the sneakers is an abbreviation of the chapter and verse of the Gospel of Matthew, which describes how Jesus Christ walked on water.

Laces are threaded in imitation of a cross, insoles of bright red color are called to remind of the traditional shoes of the Pope. Sneakers were sold in boxes with an image of an angel and a seal resembling a papal one. MSCHF doesn't plan to release a second batch of Jesus Shoes. Brand founder Gabriel Waley didn't rule out that this could happen in the future.