OREANDA-NEWS. The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun spoke about the plans of the country's government to increase the missile range due to the cancellation of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty).

As planned by the Japanese authorities, the Hitonishiki-type 12 anti-ship missile, which has a range of 200 kilometers at the moment, will be upgraded to increase its range first to 900 kilometers and then to 1500 kilometers. In addition, the developers plan to make it invisible to enemy radars. The government will allocate 33.5 billion yen ($ 320 million) for these purposes. The article says that if the range of Japanese missiles is increased, they can also be used to destroy missile bases, airfields and other enemy targets.

"When the missiles are ready, they are planned to be deployed at American bases in Asia - thanks to this, it will be possible to strike at Russia, China and the DPRK," the author of the article writes.

The Japanese government sees a danger in the deployment of American missiles on its territory. This will expose the country to attack in the event of retaliation by Russia and China to the US aggression. To avoid this situation, Tokyo wants to create its own medium-range missiles. When Washington offers to place its weapons in Japan, the country's authorities will answer that they do not need this, since they have their own "Hitonisiki" with a radius of 1,500 kilometers, the article says.

Despite the creation of its own missiles, Japan will still have to use the help of American satellites in striking, says a source in the country's Defense Ministry. And the second article believes that this means that "the operations with the use of the modernized Hitonishiki will be directed by American forces, and Japan will, as before, obey their orders."