OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said that he was vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine to make it easier to return to China after leaving for Moscow, however, despite this, he still underwent a three-week quarantine upon arrival.

“Firstly, I did it purely voluntarily, and I’m not alone. Secondly, at the beginning of the year, I worked for myself together with my leaders to travel to Moscow and made the vaccine for my own safety, I completely trust the Chinese vaccine. Sinopharm - this is the main Chinese vaccine, like our Sputnik. Secondly, I hoped that to some extent, if not make it easier, because it is impossible, then at least create a favorable background for the subsequent return to the main place of work. Because for holders of diplomatic and service passports, entry to China is not closed, "Denisov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to the head of the Russian diplomatic mission, this was the main motive. The ambassador said that in countries that have their own developments, at least local vaccinations are allowed on a purely voluntary basis.

"We have several dozen of our colleagues here who were vaccinated in China with the Chinese vaccine, but only those who really need it. We all know that there is no disease in China, and if you are in China and there is no plan to travel home, then there is no vaccination. no need, but if there is, then it is necessary. This is a purely voluntary matter, I have not experienced any negative consequences, "Denisov said.

However, despite the fact that the ambassador has an official certificate of vaccination with a Chinese drug, upon arrival, in accordance with the rules for entering China, he had to go through a three-week quarantine.

The Russian ambassador urged to treat with understanding the existing rules in China, where "they are meticulous about the suppression of the slightest possibility of infection penetrating into the territory of a country with a population of almost one and a half billion people."